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Try-It Transitions to Compressed Natural Gas

Try-It Transitions to Compressed Natural Gas

Learn how Try-It Distributing is in the process of converting to Compressed Natural Gas.

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Christy's Crafts

Christy's Crafts

Learn what's new in craft beers in this exciting monthly newsletter.

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2013-14 Labatt Buffalo Sabres Schedule

2013-14 Labatt Buffalo Sabres Schedule

 View the 2013-2014 Labatt Buffalo Sabres Schedule. 

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Gathering Of The Green

Gathering Of The Green

See what steps Try-It Distributing has taken to protect the environment by "going green".

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2014 Spring Seasonal Beers

2014 Spring Seasonal Beers

Learn about Try-It Distributing's exceptional 2014 spring beer line-up!

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Try-It Distributing is your source for exciting events and entertainment around Buffalo! Bookmark this site NOW! From “green” beers for St. Patrick’s Day, to Stella Artois for Valentine’s, you can find the beverage you want with’s new Beer Maps. Find the beer you want, type in your zip code and it provides you with locations where you can find it. Very cool.

Try-It Distributing features local beers, seasonal beers, flavored beers, imported beers and ales, fruit ales (ex. Blueberry Ale), and fun beers such as Hoptical Illusion and Beach Bum Blonde Ale. Plus, the nation’s favorites such as Bud.

For the fun of it, try a new beer every week! Some you may not have tried include Double Bag Ale, Saranac Adirondack Lager, Earthquake High Gravity Lager, Wild Blue, Stella Artois, Redbridge, Matilda, Long Hammer IPA, Leffe Blonde, Land Shark, Honker’s Ale, Dortmunder Gold, New Castle, 312 Urban Wheat, Boddingtons, Lindemans Framboise, and many more. Just go to the beverage you want to try, type in your zip code, and there will be a list and a map of where you can get it!

Also don’t forget to check out our great selection of non-alcoholic products from Balkan Beverage; Try-It Distributing’s subsidiary company. Balkan Beverage distributes great products such as Red Bull, Arizona Tea, Marley’s Mellow Mood, Vita Coco and much more!