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Why Beer Compliments Food

Beer is not only unique in its ability to appeal to people from all walks of life; it also has the capability to gracefully accompany any combination of plate and palate. Beer is an excellent companion to a wide range of foods, from casual to fine dining.
Beer is a natural complement to food because it is food! It is born of natural ingredients ... barley, hops, water and yeast, and brewing beer is a complex, delicate and sophisticated process, even more-so than wine. There are countless variations of fruity, dry, crisp, hoppy, malty, bitter, tart, smoky and refreshing, so you can find the perfect beer to compliment any meal.
Beer offers unprecedented refreshment, and with its light carbonation can cleanse the palate. Beer is not overly sweet, and is meant to be swallowed, not sipped. Beer also offers a moderate alcohol content per fluid ounce vs. wine and hard liquor.
Beer complements a range of cuisines, from American Classics to Ethnic and more flavorful cuisines. Chili-driven spicy and hot fare such as Mexican, Thai, Indonesian and Asian Fusion are perfect matches for beer, but difficult to couple with wine, as wine can actually accentuate the heat and may overpower delicate flavors, such as chilies, lemongrass and coriander. American Lagers (which are lightly hopped, crisp and balanced) cut through spice and do not dominate the flavors.
So when you’re trying to decide what drink to have with your meal consider a beer, the perfect compliment to any meal.